Adventures in Moving: Outdoor Spaces

The painters are hard at work inside, so I thought I’d give you a peek of the outside. Once things are a bit more presentable, we’ll head back inside.

First, the front yard. And all of our trash klassing up the joint. Our apologies, neighbors. We’re on it!

photo (87)Moving around to the side of the house…

photo (86)The side porch is one of my favorite things about this home. And just a little warning, I have approximately 49 favorite things about this home. Here’s a closer shot of that magical place.

photo (84)A porch swing, shade, and a perfect spot to wile away the evenings with friends. Minus all the junk piled up, of course. Let’s take a stroll around back, shall we?

photo (88)


I can’t wait to enjoy time on the back deck. Directly behind me is this…

photo (85)Our gazebo and a sky walk that looks over the creek just down the hill. Pretty now, but spectacular in spring and summer when things are in bloom. Thanks for taking a little stroll around the house with me. Happy Thursday, friends!






14 thoughts on “Adventures in Moving: Outdoor Spaces

  1. Hey! I’ve taken bridal photos at that house before it was yours. 🙂 Word of warning – in the spring, the back yard by the back yard swing as mosquitos like you wouldn’t BELIEVE!! Also – can I pretty please use your yard again sometime?? 😉 It is beautiful.

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