More Window Seat Love: Second Floor

We are fortunate to have several window seats in our “new” home, and I’ve had fun fluffing them. I’ve already worked on the one in my office and another in the music room. Recently I set my sights on the second floor hall window seat. Here are a few shots.

IMG_4515I had fun playing with patterns.

IMG_4516A couple of the fabrics are new, some are from my “stash.”

IMG_4508What better reason to have a “stash” than to round out a pile of window seat pillows! One of the fabrics is from Mood Fabrics in NYC. Pretty and a fun reminder of a fabulous trip.

IMG_4506And I may or may not have left this little tag on the inside of the pillow as a little “time capsule.” Like anyone will ever see it, but it’s fun for me.

I also included these lovelies (in all their shabby, mismatched glory) from a Paris Flea Market I stumbled upon this summer.

IMG_4509Another fun reminder of a fantastic trip. I love including decor (in my own home as well as my clients’) that tells a story.

Here’s a shot of another no-sew roman shade. I do love me some pretty fabric (also from Mood Fabrics, NYC) and some hot glue.


And finally, my favorite feature of this window seat.

IMG_4532As much as I love beautiful fabrics, a magnificent sunset always stops me in my tracks.

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