Holiday Decor: Sawing Logs

Over Thanksgiving (or as we’ve dubbed it, Thanksmas) my sister-in-law had a great idea for a little craftiness au natural. Naw, we didn’t get crafty in the buff, we decided to bring a little nature indoors with a project that included slices of tree branches all gussied up with some chalkboard paint. As I worked on making potato casserole for 32 (nearly every single one of us was able to gather this year-bonus!) my sister-in-law and niece painted up a pile of slices for me-they’re pretty sweet, those two! Here’s what they used:

IMG_1778Oh, and a shout out to my brother-in-law for slicing up some branches and drilling holes near the top for us. In addition to those, a little chalkboard paint and a cheap brush is all you need! Here’s what they look like with a dab of paint.

IMG_1779Pretty cute, no? Now that you’ve got rustic, itty-bitty chalkboards, the sky’s the limit! Here’s how I decided to use them:

First, a little ornament action…

IMG_1764Next, placecards for a little rustic winter tablescape…IMG_1745IMG_1755A larger slice made a nifty candle plate…



And finally, name tags for gifties…


IMG_1793Oh, and you know that all the chalkboard action above was courtesy of my favorite cheater method, right???

And talk about an inexpensive craft project! Thanks to a Lowe’s gift card I had lurking in my wallet, this didn’t set me back a dime!

Speaking of gift cards (bless them) did you know there’s a place you can go to buy and sell gift cards for yourself and those hard-to-buy folks on your list? That’s right, buy those you want at a discount (some as much as 15% off) and sell those that you’ve decided don’t float your boat. Check out, friends, for all manner of gift card goodness, from Lowe’s, Target, Michael’s…the list goes on and on. Check it out!

So, dear readers, what would you use your little discs of chalkboard goodness for?


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