More Stuff I Like…and Stuff

When I like a beauty product, like really like it, I feel the need to share the love, whether it comes from The Walmarts or a hoity beauty counter. Here are my current favs:

photo (34)If you were to ask my 16 year old self if I’d ever be rubbing oil into my face on purpose I would have likely said, “Like, gag me. That is, like, totally gross!” And now my 43 year old self is telling her, “Like, whatever.” Josie Maran’s facial cleansing oil is like nothing I’ve used before. It dissolves all of my make-up, even mascara and long-wear black eyeliner. Nifty, right? One step. And as you rinse it off, it turns kind of milky and completely rinses away. I know, that doesn’t seem possible with an oil, but it does, leaving my skin clean and not oily at all. When I’m feeling extra dry I schmear on a little of Josie’s pure argan oil. It is heavy duty, but it sure does soothe chapped cheeks.

Hello, fav mascara and tiny Dr. Kyle!

Hello, fav mascara and tiny Dr. Kyle!

Say hello to tiny Dr. Kyle and my current favorite mascara, Cover Girl’s Flamed Out. I have no idea why they named it that, but it is fabulous. It has a great hourglass-shaped brush, it doesn’t clump, it lengthens my lashes like crazy, and it is easy to wash off. Win-win-win-win. And it’s less than $6. Another win. The only lose here is that you can’t buy a tiny Dr. Kyle at the Walmarts. Sorry.

photo (36)Not all lavenders are created equal in my book, but this Lavender Hand Creme by L’Occitane is absolutely heavenly. I love to have this on hand (see what I did there?) in my bag to soothe dry skin or just for a little whiff of lavender as a pick-me-up. At $12 this petite tube is a bit of a splurge for me, but oh so worth it. Fun fact: there is a great little L’Occitane boutique just outside the Louvre (where this little tube came from), should you be in Paris and suddenly need some hand creme while taking in fabulous art.

photo (38)Finally, the real work-horse of the moisturization world, Gold Bond’s Ultimate Skin Therapy Cream. This stuff is serious, but doesn’t leave a greasy film. Like, at all. How great is that? Superior moisture and I don’t go skating across our marble tile floor after slathering it on my tootsies. Bonus.

By the way, none of these companies know who I am. I just like their stuff. Also, the tiny Dr. Kyle was created in our university’s new Maker Lab (more on that later) using a 3D printer. Pretty cool, no? Seemed fitting to include “him” in a “Stuff I Like” post.