Well, after several months of loving, nurturing, and becoming attached to this one…

photo (40)…we’ve discovered that she’s actually Herb, not Peaches. And bless his heart, he sounds like a middle school boy with a changing voice. Soon he’ll be crowing at the crack of dawn. I imagine no one in the compound would be thrilled with that kind of wake up call each day, so it looks like I’ll be headed back to the feed store to investigate rooster relocation programs. 

Truth be told, he’s a really sweet little guy and has become my favorite (don’t tell Dolly and Chaka). I really hate to see him go. I promised the kids we wouldn’t send him away until he actually starts crowing, but his days at Chez Poulet are numbered. Keep us in your thoughts as we mourn Herb’s departure, and if you know of someone who needs a good-natured rooster, help a girl out. And make sure they know I want to retain visitation rights. Breaking up is hard to do.