Black Door Love

In our previous home, I remember painting the front door black while the kids were at school. When My Dude got home and closed the door behind him, he whirled around and said, “Wow. It’s black.” I held my breath for a moment then heard him say, “That’s cool.” Wshew! It wasn’t long before I painted the other two exterior doors black, too, and I always loved how they stood out. So, of course I couldn’t wait to do the same here. As soon as my painter was finished with the walls, I got to work on the exterior doors. Here’s a peek.

doo2Here’s the back of the front door. I love how the contrast highlights the interesting windows. You can’t see it in this photo, but the glass is beveled.

door3And the back door. Adds nice “umph” to this space.

door1And finally the side door, leading out to one of my favorite spots, the side porch. Rufus likes that the door matches his outfit.

Between working with a couple of clients and restoring order room by room, there is still quite a bit to do around here. Thanks for taking a peek at the little bits of progress. And thanks for helping me to remember to enjoy the process, not just the result. It makes life all the sweeter, don’t you think?