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Welcome to our dining room, friends. Like our kitchen, our dining room has been quite the odyssey. Not quite in the same way, but a journey nonetheless. While the kitchen required more heavy duty reno, the dining room has been more of a “lipstick and rouge” thing. As in paint. Lots of paint. When we first moved in nine years ago I decided I wanted a red dining room. So I bought some high-quality red paint and got to work. By coat four I was spitting nails. I could NOT get good coverage. So I took myself down to the Walmarts and bought some cheap red paint and finished the job (I’ve learned since that a gray primer under red is the way to go. Trust me.). After my red period I decided to go with an earthy terracotta mottled look that I saw in one of my favorite little cafes that I frequent when we are in Malibu. I loved that, too, but it was time to move on. I’ve told Dr. Kyle that should we ever have a tornado rip through, our house should stand firm just from all the coats of paint in the dining room shoring up the walls.

Anyway, since you can see the dining room right as you walk in the front door I decided to go with something a bit more subdued. I landed on Martha Stewart’s Milk Pail and have loved it from the first stroke.



I bought the antique corbels from a little shop in Ft. Worth, then made the rest of the shelf from leftover fencing from my in-law’s back yard. It was already weathered to perfection, so it worked well.



Let’s eat!

I bought the antique block letters from a shop in Gruene, Texas, another one of my favorite little corners of the world. More on Gruene later. The letters spell out “let’s eat” en français.


I don’t know what it is about artichokes, but I love them. The cloche is a recent purchase from The Pierpont Morgan Library in New York. Yes, I lugged that baby all the way back in my carry on. Worth it. On the other side is etched “gateaux.” That means cakes, y’all.


More artichokes. What is my deal? And the adorable typewriter keys painting was a gift to Dr. Kyle a couple of years ago. I kind of swiped it. Now he’s swiped it back for his office, which makes me happy. It was painted for me by my interwebz friend Susie Harris, who did this piece for me as well. Though we’ve never met in person, I feel like she just may be a long lost friend of mine. A really talented long lost friend and I do hope our paths will cross one of these days.


I love this silver piece that I found in a charity shop (read: Goodwill) in Brighton, England several years ago. If you look closely, it is the slightest bit wonky, just like me. Imperfect can be beautiful.


Here are just a few pieces of my china mixed in with a little everyday stuff and a few silver pieces I’ve had for years. By the way, when did I get old enough to say that I’ve had stuff for years?


And who are those crazy kids in the photo? Oh yeah, that’s Dr. Kyle and me in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. Seems like that was a lifetime away. Ahhh, grad school.


This chandelier sure is fun to dress during the holidays. When I’m feeling sassy I like to use my little sea grass shades to dim the lights a bit. Quoizel chandelier from here. And if you’re wondering what’s on the menu at our house, check it out here. We’re fancy. Trust me.

This room truly is at the center of our home. Like really. It’s smack in the middle of the house. It is our only eating area, so it’s a hard working little room and works well for our family. Thanks for coming by Chez Moi to check it out!

PS I just got home from Blissdom and can’t wait to tell you about all the fabulous ladies I got to be with. More later.

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