Our Living Room

Welcome to our living room, friends. This is the first room you see when you walk into our house, so it sees a LOT of action. Don’t be fooled. It is usually accessorized with violins, tennis racquets, backpacks, and dog leashes. Thank goodness Dr. Kyle was able to snap a few pictures just after I’d done some crapshifting.


Rufus likes to sit on guard to protect us from menacing letter carriers and dog walkers that pass by. Thanks, Rufus! For a quick tutorial on the skirted table behind him, go here. It is easier than you might think! My friend Holly and I went to the Wisteria store in Dallas where I saw a pretty non-permanent book page wall. She also warned you that I might be in trouble after executing it in my own home. Good news. Dr. Kyle likes it! To get the look, check this out.

On the opposite wall hangs a variety of Dr. Kyle’s handiwork chronicling our time in England. I believe things in a room should be personal and tell a story, and this wall does just that. The hubs is good.


This is the grand piano that my grandfather gave us when I was 7 and that I grew up playing. It now has kid and puppy prints all over it. They just add more layers to its story. I love it.


You may have noticed from pictures of the dining room, but I like little birdcages. Here is yet another stuffed with recycled books. The cloche just beyond it is filled with curled strips of a Cavallini map of Paris.


Look, people! My plant is still alive and well. Miraculous!


I love a little soft lighting at the end of the day as I wind down in this spot.


The console that holds our keys and mail (and lots of other stuff) started out as a groovy 1970s audio cabinet complete with turntable and eight track player. After ripping the guts out, covering the fuzzy orange fabric speaker panels with plywood, and layering on paint and tinted wax (actually I use wax shoe polish-I’m fancy like that) she was ready for a new life.


Last week I decided to create my own version of a framed map of Paris (the inspiration cost $1000-shazaam!) to hang above the couch. I’ll tell you more about that soon.


Thanks for coming over, friends. Stop by any time for a cup of tea. It probably won’t be this clean, but I’ll kick a path for you.