Bathroom Bliss

We are still trying to bring our new home to some sort of order, but it is happening quite slowly. As I’ve said before, I’m ok with it as long as I find little corners of the house that are put together and put a smile on my face. Here’s a little peek at one spot that does just that…the upstairs bath.


I love the light that pours in through the arched window and is filtered by the curtain. I love the original pedestal sink and little hex tiles. But the real magic is just behind the door. 


A little spot that is neat and tidy. The great news is that this spot is rather useful, too. Hiding just to the right is all of my hairdo paraphernalia. 


I can use it and tuck it back in this handy little holster and not have to look at it. Is there a little corner of your world that makes you smile, both because it works efficiently and looks pretty? Do share, friends!

The Midas Touch: Fav Gold Paint

I’ve confessed this before, but I feel the need to do so again. Hello, my name is Camille. I am a spraypaint-a-holic. It is such an easy and inexpensive way to give something old a new life. Or give a little va-va-voom to something that may be languishing in its own ho-humness.

Recently I read this post by Fabulous K giving her recommendations for her favorite gold spray paint, so I was all ears (or eyes, as it were). PS, if you haven’t checked out her super-chic blog, you are missing out!

I couldn’t get to the Walmarts fast enough to get a can and get started. Here she is in all her aerosol-powered glory.

midaspaintI decided that my trash can definitely needed a little glitz, because if you have to hold trash, why not do so glamorously?

midascanAnd here is her glitzy self in situ.

midastrashThis paint covers like no other I’ve ever used. One coat and a touch-up here and there…DONE. And the finish is magnificent. I was so pleased with it I chose a couple of other of things to glamify.

midasstuffNot only am I pleased with how they came out, I’m please that I showed a little restraint and stopped after these two. I may have a propensity to spray anything that isn’t moving or nailed down.

Thanks again, Miss K for the great paint advice. What would you spruce up if you had a can on hand?